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Implementation and Customization of SmartTeam Software

Experience integration and tailor-made solutions with our Implementation and Customization services. Our experts ensure a smooth installation process in a secure, cloud-based environment, making the SmartTeam Toolkit readily accessible to you and your team. Leveraging a modular software development platform, we swiftly develop customer-specific functionalities, ensuring alignment with your unique requirements and objectives.

We offer connections to existing software applications through out-of-the-box integrations, including ready-made components for Microsoft Graph, Maps, OpenID, AI, and barcode scanning. For other integration needs, our platform provides generic connectors to web services, APIs, databases, cloud services, and more.

Training and Coaching for SmartTeam Software Users

Empower your team for success with our Training and Coaching services tailored for SmartTeam Software users. Our intuitive tools are designed for easy adoption, eliminating the need for extensive classroom training. During a short implementation period, administrators and key users receive personalized, on-the-job training to maximize proficiency. Additionally, our coaching services provide ongoing support, enabling your team and organization to achieve optimal results effortlessly.