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At SmartTeam, we are driven by the vision of continuously improving project execution through innovation and best practices. Struggling to keep projects on track and within budget? Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions that empower teams to excel, from conception to completion. We understand the importance of having a single version of the truth in project management. That’s why our business principles prioritize data integrity, consistency, reliability, scalability, availability, and security, ensuring robust and trustworthy solutions for our clients. With a focus on enhancing collaboration, streamlining processes, and driving success at every stage, SmartTeam is dedicated to helping teams achieve their project goals with confidence. Join us in transforming the way teams work and projects succeed.

With years of experience and a passion for project management, our founders have developed innovative software solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern teams. With a focus on user-friendly solutions and continuous improvement, we’re dedicated to providing smart tools that empower teams to excel.

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Meet the SmartTeam Founders

Patrick Zwinkels

During his career, Patrick has steered the successful execution of a number of multifaceted projects worldwide, navigating diverse market segments and roles from planner to project manager.

Harm Horstman

With over two decades of experience, Harm has crafted bespoke solutions for project information needs, cultivating his expertise in delivering tailored solutions.

As SmartTeam, Patrick and Harm have been able to capture their combined experience in the development of the SmartTeam Toolkit. This allows them to deliver an even greater contribution to professionalizing teams and improve performance.